75 gallon All Glass aquarium 175.00Glass aquarium lid 60.00Real wood stand 150.00Groto rock 150Crushed coral sand. 100.00Rena xp 4Filstar canister filter 150.00Marine land Maxijet 600. 40.00Marine land Maxijet 1200. 75.00EBO jger aquarium heater. 30.00Assorted African cichlids mbuna and peacock as followersAll numbers are estimates as I havent counted them all in a while2 Labidochromis sp. Mbam...
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Have a very large selection of nice petrified wood pieces for decorating purposes, like in Aquariums or terrariums for fish, snakes, iguanas, etc or home decoration. Pieces start at $5.00 a piece or 3 for $12.00, some larger ones go for $10 on up. For lawn decorations have pieces up to a couple hundred pounds for up to $120.00 each. You may call 9am to 10pm Mon thru Sat
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