Small pets and animals for sale in Rosepine, LA

Hey I m looking for a ferret. I can only have one pet at my apartment complex. I prefer one under 1 years old. If you have one please send a photo to 3374233977
price negotiable. Orange & white, 4 month old, male, Teddy Bear Hamster. He will come with his ball. he is extremely friendly!! - $50 Greyish, 2 months, female, winter white Russian dwarf hamster. friendly, is in a makeshift cage. -$30 both can come with food on request. cage is extra $$. - $75
ISO chinchilla/ferrets
We are selling out of the rabbit business! We have Full blood Rex, California, Holland lop, and dwarf. All high quality of breeds. Bucks and Does. Prices range from $15-30 but if you are wanting more than one will make a package deal! Also selling cages, water lines, feeders etc. pm me for more details! Read Less
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